Why Teens Need Skincare Education and In-Clinic Facials.


The Importance of Skincare Education for Teens

Navigating the teenage years can be tricky enough, and for many teens, it’s also when skin concerns like breakouts, oiliness, and dryness first appear. Hormonal shifts bring about changes to the skin, making it important to establish a simple and effective skincare routine early on. Let’s delve into why skincare education matters for teenagers:

  1. Preventing Breakouts and Skin Issues:
    • Teen years bring about a surge in hormones that drastically affect the skin and can lead to acne, blackheads, oily skin, dryness, and increased skin sensitivity.
    • Establishing a skincare routine during these years is crucial because it helps prevent breakouts and promotes overall skin health.
    • Healthy skincare habits developed in adolescence often continue into adulthood, ensuring long-term skin well-being.
  2. Boosting Confidence and Self-Image:
    • Clear, healthy skin contributes to self-confidence. When teens feel good about their appearance, it positively impacts their self-esteem.
    • A consistent skincare routine fosters a positive self-image, helping teens feel more comfortable in their own skin.
  3. Sun Protection for Lifelong Health:
    • Teens are often outdoors, making sun protection an absolute necessity.
    • Daily sunscreen use protects from premature aging and reduces the risk of skin cancer later in life.
    • Even if a teen doesn’t struggle with major skin problems, a basic skincare routine promotes overall skin health and sets a strong foundation for their skin’s future.

Essential Components of a Teen Skincare Routine

Dermatologists recommend the following three steps for teens:

  1. Gentle Cleanser:
    • Wash the face twice a day with a gentle, non-stripping cleanser to remove dirt, oil, and impurities.
    • Look for formulas designed for sensitive or acne-prone skin, as those tend to be the most well-tolerated.
  2. Oil-Free Moisturizer:
    • Every type of skin needs hydration! A lightweight, oil-free moisturizer helps keep skin healthy and balanced.
    • Look for options labeled “non-comedogenic,” meaning they won’t clog pores.
  3. Sunscreen:
    • Protecting the skin from harmful UV rays is crucial for preventing premature aging and skin damage.
    • Make sure your teen uses a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher every single day, even when it’s cloudy.

As an Esthetician we like to also believe that there is not a one size fits all approach to teenage skin. So we always like to analyze the skin, and your teen’s personality first, and decide how we can support your teen based upon their lifestyle and tendencies. Skincare is something you have to create a habit around, and for some it may be easier a transition than others. Starting with 1, to 2 products to start but ideally 3 would be a great way to begin. As they become more comfortable with taking care of their own skin, we can incorporate more options like a targeted serum or weekly mask for their specific needs.

Navigating the Skincare Aisle

Whether you’re shopping online, at your local drugstore, or at a beauty store, the skincare aisle can be a daunting place. Here are some tips for a pleasant and productive experience:

  1. Figure out Your Teen’s Skin Type:
    • Our skin comes in all types – oily, dry, combination, normal, and sensitive.
    • Certain products are targeted at different skin types, so understanding your teen’s skin type is essential.
  2. Check the Label:
    • Look for ingredients that cater to your teen’s specific skin needs.
    • Avoid potentially irritating ingredients like alcohol, harsh fragrances, essential oils (for sensitive skin types), witch hazel, and heavy oils (for oily/acne-prone skin).
  3. Purchase professional skincare: When possible, refer to your skin therapist’s in office product lines, as the professional products lines only available through Estheticians tend to be of better quality and come with a guarantee. If it does not work for you, you can speak directly with your therapist, and swap it out if need be. In the store’s, what you buy is what you get and there is not necessarily a professional skin care therapist behind that brand. Also remember that the Esthetician’s work with these brands day in and day out and have more experience with their outcomes.

It is important to remember that educating teens about skincare not only benefits their skin health but also instills lifelong habits that contribute to overall well-being. Empowering teens today is so important for their development into confident and healthy individuals. Let’s work together to get them on the right track!

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